Min has razor sharp teeth and claws and he loves to play rough. I substitute a toy for my hands and arms but when he bites me by surprise, I say ‘Ouch’ so he learns that he hurt me. Then I ask Min for a kiss so he learns that kisses are better than bites!


Zum saw his first wild deer as I was riding him on a ridge. He froze with panic. I jumped off, pet his neck and tried to calm him down. I led him carefully down the hill to a wash and lunged him in circles. I walked him home as he looked back in terror, snorting and prancing. I got him to the round pen and rode him around until he relaxed. I realized Zum’s fright is very real. It is my job to give him positive assurance.


As the summer comes to an end, I ask myself ‘What are my successes this summer?’ I think of every test that I passed, every obstacle that I overcame and every new skill that I learned with Zum. My two biggest successes were my relentless tenacity in riding Zum even when I was afraid and my belief in myself.


Zum is starting to want to rush down hills so I gently stop him. There is joy in discovering, learning and mastering each phase of my challenges with Zum.


They do not love that do not show their love. I am so grateful that I show my love to Huszar and all my animals each and every day!


Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. When I play with Min, I feel how willing his heart is to love. I also have a willing heart so I have confidence in manifesting my dreams.


I am speaking and standing up for myself in a more self-empowered way. People that are disgruntled and negative have no place in my life anymore and I let them know it. My driving force to be confident with Zum is manifesting in wanting positive, confident people in my environment.