I am learning through a new program called Equitopia. I need to ask myself “Is Zum at peace?” A peaceful horse has his head down, lips relaxed and his movements are slow and steady. Zum will do anything to be at peace as horses want to feel peace, comfort and safety. I want peace as much as Zum does. I need to show him where he can be at peace.


Zum’s back legs have been very sore since his back feet got caught inside the stirrups of the ranch saddle. He doesn’t like to put weight on his back right leg. He won’t let me pick up his back legs so I know they are painful when I touch them. So I brush and pick up his front legs.


No one can escape death or love. What matters to me is being alive. Every day I am taking care of Zum, my love for him grows stronger.


I am heart-broken that I cannot ride Zum as he recovers from the trauma of the ranch saddle accident. I can lunge him in the round pen. I can teach him tricks. Humans are mortal and fragile but I want to carry my past into the future. I want to live as I have never lived and look forward with hope. I want to hope that Zum and I can ride again on the trails as this is what we both love to do together.


I wish I could erase Zum’s ranch saddle accident from my past. However hard I try, I cannot erase the past accidents. Looking back is wasting precious time.

Best Friend

My neighbor tells me to talk to Zum as if he is my best friend. Tell him what I am doing and why. Let him know that I am only doing things for his best interest.


My neighbor tells me to rub all over Zum’s body with my bare hands. Zum needs emotional support right now. I will do whatever I can to make him feel comfort.

Not right

I can lunge Zum in the round pen just fine. But Zum is not right. I have decided to take him to a vet and have a vet give Zum an exam. Ever since the ranch saddle accident, Zum is traumatized and he just keeps getting himself hurt. And I cannot afford to let Zum hurt me.