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TAROT in Egyptian means ‘the royal path of Life’ and ‘to require an answer.’ People of all religions, ethnic or national backgrounds have used the TAROT since the 14th century.

The TAROT uses effective universal symbols to help you discover deep understanding of yourself. With a qualified tarot reader like Goddesspower TAROT reader Tanya to decipher the true meaning of the tarot cards when you ask a question, you will receive insight into your psyche that will immediately open doors to the intimate mysteries of your heart, your love and your passion.

You owe it to yourself to have revealed the secrets that are hidden from your attention. Men and women alike need the opportunity to surrender to the private power of their psyche.

It’s easy. First, think of a question starting with the words:

How…? What…? When…? Why…?

Then call Tanya at the number at the bottom of this page to make a phone appointment for a Tarot Reading.

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