I don’t want to act like a frightened or an angry predator when I am with Zum. And Zum needs to learn that it is easier and more rewarding to do the things I desire.


I am learning to focus on a point in the distance and riding Zum to it. Then Zum can follow my lead. Looking at the ground is going nowhere.


Zum can learn to respect and listen to me but I have to leave Zum’s spirit alone. To a natural horseman, it is a mortal sin to destroy a horse’s spirit.


Perseverance is my key to training Zum. I try to keep his attention during our training sessions. I give him lots of praise. I try to speak with authority but I have learned that growling or shouting doesn’t work. I don’t want Zum to think of me as a predator. Reward and affection bring results much faster than impatience, yelling, jerking ropes or whipping. I don’t want Zum to be a sulking, uncooperative horse who complies from fear. Zum has enough inner fear and anxiety to cope with. I want to bring Zum comfort and safety being with me.


Among Arab proverbs, the solid white Arabian horse is prized as it is rarely found. Kamar is my biggest prize and riding him in the desert is becoming my greatest joy.


I know that Zum has a lot of spirit. He is also spooky. He is a lot to deal with. I am using Buddy’s suggestion to desensitize Zum on his neck and hindquarters with the plastic bag.


I have booked a stall for Zum as soon as Buddy has a free stall. He is training so many horses now that all his stalls are full. Good horse trainers are in big demand!


I was nervous when Buddy got on Zum with just a halter and the lead rope. Zum responded perfectly to every turn that Buddy asked him to make. This proves to me that Zum can be ridden without a tight rein, a bridle, a chin strap or a martingale. Zum prefers no restrictions at all. He is happier and more obedient when he can move his head around.


Buddy used the lead rope holding Zum with one hand and the end of the lead rope with the other hand. He would swing the end of the lead rope in a circle or hit his pant leg with it to make Zum go faster. He would swing the end of the lead rope on Zum’s belly or shoulder to get Zum to move over. It takes a lot of talent and experience to swing a lead rope properly!