Jody wants me to pet Zum as if I have my heart in my hand. Court Zum. Let Zum want to be with me. Don’t force him to do things. Ask slowly. Act slowly. Let Zum believe that it is his idea to be next to me. Have fun with Zum!


Jody says once you lose the ‘try’ you have failed. He says you can keep trying, keep making mistakes and keep learning from your mistakes. I have made lots of mistakes with Zum but I keep on trying. I don’t ever want to lose the ‘try.’


Jody says horse training is all about the mind…bringing the mind of the horse and the mind of the rider together in harmony. He says he will teach Zum to look to me for guidance and emotional support and he will teach me to trust Zum. I was pretty amazed when I could sit on the ground in front of Zum’s front legs without fear that Zum would trample me!


Jody wants me to sit on the ground in front of Zum’s front legs. This is to help Zum and I build confidence in each other.

Body language

Jody says that I need to act like a horse with my body language. Hunch over if I want Zum to move his hindquarters. Flap my elbows to get Zum to back up if Zum invades my space. This is acting like a horse with ears pinned down and charging forward to take leadership.


I need to be my own hero. I also need to be Zum’s hero. Zum needs to learn that I have his back. I need to believe that Zum has my back. If we both trust each other, our relationship can grow. How do I start to build trust? It is a very slow process and it starts with trusting my own heart.


Jody wants me to crawl around Zum on the ground. Zum needs to believe that I trust that he won’t hurt me again.


Jody tells me that I need to jump on Zum’s back and ride bareback to really feel what Zum is feeling. I have zero confidence with this right now. I am a long way away from building the confidence I need to be able to do this. This will be Jody’s job….to build my confidence so that I trust Zum and Zum believes me.

Move on

Jody tells me that I don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes always happen when you are trying to learn. Accept my mistakes and move on. Jody says horses are very forgiving. Zum will forgive me when I make mistakes. Jody tells me not to listen to anyone who has ever frightened me or who has ever put me down. He rides Zum bareback and with a halter and lead rope to show me that Zum is a good horse. Jody says we are going to make Zum a great horse!


Jody, my new horse trainer, tells me that I need to hang all over Zum. I need to show Zum that I trust him and that I believe in him. Jody tells me he asks Zum before he does anything with Zum. He asks with his body language. He says invading someone’s space is being a bully. I agree wholeheartedly.