Zum and I are building our relationship back up again. I want the foundation of our time together to be based on having fun. I am tired of fighting with Zum. Yes, I want to be firm with him. But I also want him to be happy. When he is happy, he is eager to please.


I have finally figured out a way I want to handle Zum. It took a lot of trial and error. I tried doing things that both my horse trainers in Arizona did as well as asking new horse trainers what I should do. Their suggestions were not working. A huge rain storm recently made Zum feel frantic and frightened . He was whinnying and galloping in fear but I couldn’t calm Zum down. I realized at that moment that my relationship with Zum is what is most important. Zum’s relationship with other horse trainers isn’t the point. I need to find a place with Zum where he looks to me for guidance and comfort.


I live by the saying ‘Love those who care for me and yet still be kind to those who care not.’ I am always grateful when I find out who doesn’t care for me. I prefer knowledge and truth to pretense. My life is full of true love. I don’t need pretenders.


Santa Fe has become very popular. There isn’t a house to rent or buy right now. I love going to the Santa Fe Plaza on a summer day.


People ask me what do I do for fun? I play with my horses. Kamar loves to play. My horses love to play together but they also love to play with me!


I know I am fortunate to have such gorgeous horses and to live in such beautiful places. I also know my good luck is a lot of hard daily work!


My father designed my mother a round Pavilion so my mother could teach folk dancing and have music festivals near her home. I inherited this beautiful round Pavilion and I taught yoga and belly dancing there. It is a perfect collaboration between my mother and father. I adore it!


Huszar loves Kamar so much that whenever Kamar is out of Huszar’s sight, he paces frantically and whinnies loudly. These two horses are buddies for life.