My neighbor tells me to rub all over Zum’s body with my bare hands. Zum needs emotional support right now. I will do whatever I can to make him feel comfort.

Not right

I can lunge Zum in the round pen just fine. But Zum is not right. I have decided to take him to a vet and have a vet give Zum an exam. Ever since the ranch saddle accident, Zum is traumatized and he just keeps getting himself hurt. And I cannot afford to let Zum hurt me.


After I rode Zum in the round pen today, I was riding back to the corral and he spooked. I tried to use the one-rein stop but instead of stopping, Zum just ran around and around in a tight circle. I felt like he was going to fall over so I decided to jump off. I landed on my right hip. I am banged up and bruised. Zum ran away down the street. It is a miracle that he didn’t get hit by a car. Some girls caught him many blocks away. Why does he run away? Why doesn’t he stay by my other horses?


Buddy wants me to exhale each time I swing the saddle blanket and the saddle on Zum’s back. This is to keep me calm, which calms Zum.


I took Zum back to Buddy’s ranch today. Buddy worked with Zum in the round pen and swung Zum’s saddle on Zum and cinched it up. Buddy taught me to swing the saddle. It will take some practice but it is a lot faster than lifting the saddle on Zum’s back.


Haley lets Zum sniff his saddle blanket. She does everything slowly and cautiously so Zum has no reason to be afraid.

Bareback pad

I found a new young trainer. She worked with Zum today. She is quiet and quick to reward if Zum cooperates with her. She was able to ease the bareback pad on Zum’s back without Zum bolting or backing up.


Lunging Zum helps me to see where he is mentally and emotionally. I know Zum refuses a saddle and cinching now. It might take a long time for Zum to get over his fear of the saddle after his accident with the new ranch saddle. But I have to keep trying to do something with him.


I am able to get Zum to gallop on a lunge line and ask him to stop. He stops. This is the first step in teaching Zum to stand still when I ask him.