Sitting on Zum’s back, I fuse mentally with Zum to become one single, graceful being. There is no feeling like it!


For every callous horsewhipper, I pray there is a passionate horse lover like me. I am ready to rise at dawn and endure repeated hardships to ensure that my adored equines enjoy the best life possible. I highly admire and value my horses.


When I pull a single rein to the side, Zum loses his power to run, rear or prance. I make him walk around in a circle or I just hold the single rein to the side and encourage Zum to cam down.


When I ride Zum on the trail, he still gets nervous and lets his surroundings bother him. Rocks, dead logs, gates, signs and running horses in corrals all make him feel highly anxious. I have Zum in courage school with every ride.


Everyone has a different idea of personal success. Success to me is getting my horses easily and effortlessly into the horse trailer and heading out for a trail ride!


Zum has zero fear getting into a trailer now. My goal is to continue to focus beyond each problem that Zum has, conquering each problem in time.


I am so happy that Zum jumps willingly into the 2 horse trailer! His trailer training has become automatic. I hope someday all the other good behavior and patterns that I am training Zum to do are equally automatic!


I taught Zum to get in and out of the 2 horse trailer a year ago. It was a long and arduous training process. Zum wasn’t in a 2 horse trailer in Santa Fe the five months I was there. His mind has filed and stored the good memories of horse trailer training as he has no fear walking up to the trailer.


Rather than engage in a battle with Zum, I am engaging in a conversation with him. We are both learning how much fun we can have on the trails together.