Jody, my new horse trainer, tells me that I need to hang all over Zum. I need to show Zum that I trust him and that I believe in him. Jody tells me he asks Zum before he does anything with Zum. He asks with his body language. He says invading someone’s space is being a bully. I agree wholeheartedly.

Ground up

I was riding Huszar yesterday and I met a woman on her horse. We rode for two hours on the trail. I told her about Zum and my problems with him. She told me that she has a great horse trainer that really helps her with riding her horse. I got his name and when I got home, I went to his website. I was happy to see that he is a natural horseman and he teaches natural horsemanship! I called him. His name is Jody. He said he specializes in problem horses and he could work with Zum and I from the ground up!


Perfect rapport and companionship can only flower in the soil of reciprocal respect, admiration, appreciation, courtesy and mutual desire to share one’s best. I want this kind of relationship with Zum.


I found a business card for a horse trainer at Tractor Supply. I called him today. I told him the story of Buddy, Zum and the ranch saddle accident. This trainer said it sounds like all Zum needs is an experienced rider who is not afraid of Zum to ride Zum on the trails 8 hours a week. This trainer said Zum needs to sweat on the trails. So where am I going to get this rider?


I taught Zum how to give me a big kiss on the mouth. Today is Zum’s fifth birthday. I wish I could ride him today. I cannot ride him but at least I can get big kisses from him!


After Zum picks up the baseball cap from the ground with his teeth, he gives it to me. This is a fun trick that he loves to do. I don’t want to give up on Zum. I want to take my portion of the world and make a positive impact.


I taught Zum to pick up a baseball cap from the ground with his teeth! Zum is so smart and he learns tricks quickly! I want to tame Zum with my constant love!


I have made mistakes that I regret deeply. I wish I had never seen a ranch saddle. Zum got seriously hurt by the ranch saddle accident. Now I cannot ride Zum and he still refuses the saddle. Before the ranch saddle accident, I was riding Zum on the trails. I need to stop beating myself up for the past. What I do to repair my mistakes is what counts. I will learn from my bad experiences and never do the same mistake again. From this day forward, I will never let Zum get hurt when I am with him. He needs to trust that I will protect him from danger.


I was telling someone that I have a beautiful horse named Zum but that Zum is still untamed even after being with a trainer for a month. The comment made to me was “My guess is that your horse is very much like you.” Wow! This statement made me think! I fell in love with Zum the first time I saw him wild in a field when he was two years old. Is the attraction because I share his wild nature?


I took Zum to an equine vet who gave Zum an exam. The vet said that none of the wounds on Zum’s legs are infected and that Zum’s back is fine. He said Arabian horses have strong backs and can carry a lot of weight on their backs for their size. He said Zum needs to learn manners and Zum needs a lot of handling. I am too afraid of Zum to ride him now. The vet said that Zum feels my fear. I am sure Zum does. What I need is a man who can ride Zum on the trails while I ride Huszar.