To be a successful team, a horse and a human need heart and desire to be in a relationship with each other. I want Zum to need and love me. I definitely have both heart and desire.


The roots create the fruits. To me, this means that how I do anything is how I do everything. Whether Zum is good, bad or indifferent, I know he is living from moment to moment. I need to cause and allow more good moments.


Horses are perceptive to dangerous people, places, changes and things. I have to teach Zum how to become braver, less fearful of tight places and more willing to stand his ground rather than panic at what he thinks is danger.


A horse is an individual and not a possession. He has wants and needs too. His natural instincts are to sense danger, to fly away from danger and to be comfortable. He runs from fear at full speed and only looks back when he is safe. When a horse is following his instincts, he is not being naughty or bad. He is being a horse. I want Zum to feel comfortable and safe with me.


The first thing I taught Zum two years ago was to touch an orange cone. If Zum is angry or unhappy about something, I bring out the cone and I let him touch it with his nose. He is praised and rewarded for doing something he loves to do and all his anger disappears. When Zum feels confidence within himself, all his anger vanishes.


I am reading another natural horsemanship book by Pat Parelli. He writes that without intestinal fortitude, most people give up riding horses and usually sell their horses within the first year of having them. I am glad to know that I have intestinal fortitude, that never-give-up attitude with Zum.


Just believing that I can ride Zum easily is effective. Imagine what is possible when I apply trust and belief in my own power to heal, change and thrive.


Even if I feel fear, I never create fear or distrust with Zum. I praise him sincerely and with a show of enthusiasm when he does what I ask him to do.


After I had surgery for my broken arm in June 2020, I had to take pain medication to make the time to heal more tolerable. The physical pain was excruciating. Now I am tending to the inner mental and emotional wounds. I am healing myself from the inside out.