Horse Goddess

Horse Goddess

Horse Goddess
Horse Goddess
Horse Goddess

Horse Goddess

Tanya’s grandmother Helena raised purebred Arabian horses in Colorado. At the age of five, Tanya was riding these beautiful horses with her older sister Anhara. When Tanya was 12 years old, Helena gave Tanya’s mother Mansi a young, registered, purebred Arabian colt. Tanya rode this beautiful Arabian stallion everyday throughout High School. Tanya’s passion for understanding, feeding, caring for and riding Arabian horses is stronger than ever today!

The Arabian horse is one of the oldest horse breeds. Throughout history, Arabian horses from the Middle East spread around the world and were used to improve other breeds by adding speed, refinement, endurance and strong bone. The Arabian horse developed in a desert climate and was prized by the nomadic Bedouin people, often being brought inside the family tent for shelter and protection. The Bedouins bestowed the title ‘Drinker of the Wind’ to the first Arabian horse. They believed that their Divine Spirit created the Arabian horse from the four winds: spirit from the North, strength from the South, speed from the East and intelligence from the West. Their Divine Spirit said to the winds “I want to make a creature out of you. Condense.” From the winds formed a chestnut Arabian horse. The Spirit said:

“I call you Horse; I make you Arabian and I give you the color of the ant;
I have hung happiness from the forelock which hangs between your eyes;
You shall be the Lord of other animals;
Men shall follow you wherever you go;
You shall be as good for flight as for pursuit;
You shall fly without wings;
Riches shall be on your back;
Fortune shall come through your meditation.”

Arabian horses are good-natured, quick to learn and willing to please. Arabian horses are also high-spirited, extremely alert and sensitive. This requires Arabian horse owners to handle these horses with competence and respect. Tanya is available to teach women of all ages how to handle Arabian horses, individually or in groups. There are ten sessions involved and as each session is passed, each woman progresses to the ultimate goal of being a Horse Goddess!

Start your Horse Goddess adventure now!

“Launching into Horse Goddess training with Tanya in early 2018 has been a gift on many levels. Not only did we train in the corral which was necessary for safety and technique, but most beneficial to me has been the trail riding experiences all over North Scottsdale, Cave Creek, and New River. Trail riding is a joy like no other. It has allowed me to grow in the mind, body, spirit core which is key to my human evolution and personal healing. My “adopted” Egyptian Arabian rescue, Huzsar, has been a ‘soul-keepsake’ and his personality has given me a deepening of myself as well as awe and reverence for the majesty -not just of the horse, but of Arabians. Many people fear the Arabians because of their spirit. I feel that through the Heart of an Arabian, you can touch the Sky. This is my personal truth. In gratitude to Tanya and Huszar! With Love,”

Tracy McCormick @lightfinderp

Tanya also does Tarot Readings
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