On March 13, 2020, a huge flash flood filled up my back yard until it was a pond. Before I could think, the dirty, muddy water from my back yard seeped under my sliding glass doors of my bedroom and living room, flooding my house. All my carpets and wood floors are destroyed. A few days later, the Coronavirus scare closed down both the clubhouses in Scottsdale where I teach yoga and dance so I lost my jobs and I am out of work. For how long, no one knows. It could be months. My fattest and most healthy rabbit suddenly died as well. I believe it was from the shock of the flash flood. So I had to bury my sweet bunny rabbit. This last week, the rain has caused power outrages so I often have no electricity. The wind bursts are so intense that my neighbor’s fence blew down a couple days ago. The trials and tribulations seem unbearable and unending. I don’t feel like I have the courage to cope. Then I get on my Zum and he is perfect on the trail! I have given him all the love he needs. Now he is my blessing!