Please, yes

There are two verbal cues that Zum responds to. One is the ‘please?’ cue and the other is the ‘yes, thank you’ cue. The ‘yes’ cue is ceasing to use the ‘please’ cue. Zum does not respond to an emphatic ‘please’ cue. Zum only mirrors any frustration he hears in my voice by acting confused. I don’t use the lead rope as punishment. I never jerk on the lead rope. Saying ‘Don’t’ or yelling ‘Quit!’ doesn’t work. ‘Don’t’ cues don’t work. This irritates Zum. Saying ‘don’t’ or ‘No’ to Zum never improves his behavior. What works is a signal or sound for him to do wanted behavior. I give Zum a little job to replace the undesirable behavior with behavior I want. When I reward Zum quickly and consistently, he quickly responds with more wanted behavior. I focus on one part of his body to make it simple. I put him to work, making him drop his head or stop or move backward or forward or sideways a few steps using the ‘please’ cue. My ‘please’ cue is a kiss. This cue tells him to move something or do something, please.The kiss sound will never irritate Zum. If a horse is irritated, it is usually what you are saying to him that is to blame. My cues are creating a happy, responsive colt!