I have learned that with every positive thought, I am planting a seed in my mind that supports the growth of my self-confidence and self-esteem. I am amazed at all I accomplished with Zum in the last six months!


Huszar lost a back shoe. I called my farrier but he never called me back. I called local horse trainers and horse vets to get names and numbers of a bunch of farriers. I called them all and only one called me to say he is so busy that he doesn’t need new clients. All these farriers are shoeing back to back horses all day seven days a week and I haven’t seen another horse besides my horses for six months. Where are all these horses?


The biggest lesson I have learned in the last six months is that I have the strength and abilities to handle anything that comes my way. I used my time to ride Zum, build up my self-confidence and become independent, empowered and my own best friend.


I went back to the area where Zum met his first deer, thinking that Zum might still be nervous there. He was just fine. He even wanted to trot and canter on the way home! This is the first time I have cantered on Zum. I have watched Buddy do it. It was wonderful!


All summer, I have been interrupting a pattern of fear and a debilitating state of anxiety between Zum and I. I have diverted our attention to having fun on the trail together. Jody, my horse trainer in Phoenix, dared me to climb a very steep cliff with Zum. Yesterday, I finally had the courage to charge Zum up nearly vertical cliff. He and I were brave! We made it to the top of the cliff. I was so thrilled!


Zum needs work in the round pen. I am practicing figure 8s and going in and out of the round pen gate as well as trotting. When he doesn’t want to do something, he pins his ears back and stops. Kicking him only makes him more upset. It is easier to go for a trail ride! On the trail, Zum is happy. When he is happy, he is a joy to ride!