Buddy used a ranch saddle on Zum and I loved the way it felt when I rode Zum. So I got a ranch saddle online. The new saddle arrived after Zum was already home from training with Buddy so I never got to ask Buddy how to put it on. I don’t know anything about ranch saddles. I put it on incorrectly and it slid down below Zum’s belly. Zum bucked and bucked, knocking himself into the corral as he tried to free himself from the saddle. Zum’s back foot got stuck in a stirrup. My neighbor heard my yelling ‘Whoa!’ over and over and came running to see the nightmare. Zum flipped on his side and she got the saddle disconnected from his belly. Zum has raw sections of his belly with scrapes and cuts on his back legs but he is walking so I am very grateful. The new saddle is ripped to pieces. Zum is traumatized. So am I. So I am back to basics, playing with him and putting on his Arabic blanket for comfort.