Pick up

Zum lets me pick up his back feet easily. It is probably because I ask him first by saying “Pick up?” Zum wouldn’t let the impatient farrier pick up his back foot because this farrier yanked Zum’s back foot up roughly and harshly. I need to keep Zum away from egocentric men who think their poor quality ill-treatment and outrage can control people and animals.


I tried feeding Zum grass hay this week, thinking it might calm him down. When he didn’t get his usual alfalfa, he got angry and continually kept his ears back. So I researched the different types of hay and discovered that alfalfa has a higher level of protein and calcium than any other hay. Higher protein is important for young, growing horses like Zum. Most importantly, horses prefer the taste of alfalfa over grass hay. I want Zum to be happy and satisfied with his daily life. I am going to feed Zum the alfalfa he likes!


Monty Roberts says that you need to be kind and understanding with your horse. Eliminate all pain and restrain. I believe this one hundred percent.


People tell me that I already have joined up with Zum. Monty Roberts says that horse trainers make horses mean by causing the horses pain. Horses take flight out of fear. So I have to become Zum’s friend and comfort zone.


My broken arm is slowly getting better. I am ready to do more with Zum. I have not ridden him since my accident with him which was over two months ago now. My sister wants me to keep Zum as a pet. Friends want me to sell Zum. I am watching old videos by Monty Roberts, the original natural horseman. I want to join up with Zum.


Rabbits were sacred to many ancient deities. Rabbits were fleet-footed messengers for God Hermes. Rabbits were dedicated to Goddess Aphrodite and God Cupid as symbols of love, fertility and good fortune. The Saxon goddess of spring, Goddess Eostre, is the origin of the Easter bunny which symbolizes life renewal. Rabbits were the emblem of the Norse moon goddess, Goddess Holda, as symbols of the moon. The white rabbit signifies divinity. The red rabbit signifies prosperity. How lucky I am to have rabbits in my daily life!

Baby rabbits

I am so happy that my sister gave me three baby rabbits. I love my pet rabbits! Sadly, three of my pet rabbits died this year. So my new baby rabbits make my heart sing. I make fresh wheat grass for Kamar, my oldest horse. I give the baby rabbits the grass after it has been cut and they love to nibble on it for hours.


I have been trying to think of a reason why my accident with Zum happened. I believe everything happens for a reason. Maybe it was an initiation rite that I had to experience to learn how to survive huge obstacles put in front of me. There is a beautiful saying: ‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.’