My positive attitude goes a long way into improving Zum’s attitude. Zum makes more progress in his training when he gets 1 to 2 lessons a week. This is especially true for young horses like Zum. I can tell when Zum is mentally or physically confused with a lesson. He moves his ears back and forth as he tries to figure things out. If Zum suddenly has a severe attitude problem with something I am teaching him, I let him take time off from this lesson for a few days. Relaxation gives us both a fresh mental slate to work with when we go back to the lesson. For example, I am giving Zum a month break from trying to put on his bridle again. I found two molar teeth in his feed bin so I know that he is still teething. It hurts Zum to have a bit in his mouth because his gums hurt! So I ride Kamar and pony Zum and the lesson is how we all can have fun out on the trail!