To Trailer

To teach Zum to like getting in and out of a horse trailer, I have to approach the trailer with Zum without conflict and make his loading experience pleasant. I want Zum to be tolerant and trusting of everything I ask him to do. When he gets nervous, I never fight with him. I take his mind off his insecurity by asking him to do something he likes to do and then by rewarding him with a treat. When I try to lead Zum into the trailer, I don’t pull on his halter. This creates resistance and Zum is more apt to balk or pull backward. I tap him on his hindquarters as I ask him to step forward. I have learned that encouragement to move forward is best when it comes from behind. I reward Zum when he moves forward. I am rewarding any forward movement by letting Zum stop, stand still and by petting and praising him. If he backs away, I go with him. I keep his head pointed at the trailer. I wait until he is relaxed. I patiently work with advance and retreat, approaching the trailer calmly to get Zum to lose his fear. I never force or whip a horse into a trailer. Then the horse thinks the trailer is scary. With my patient work, Zum learns to get in and out of the trailer easily and effortlessly, like Huszar and Kamar!