I decide it is time to pony my colt off my racehorse! A few years ago, I rescued an Egyptian Arabian racehorse named Huszar. Huszar is big and muscular. All I have to say is ‘Go!’ and from a complete stop, he will charge forward into a full gallop! He is an alpha-male with a powerful personality. Yet, I can train people how to ride on him as he is very patient and gentle with people. He doesn’t bite, buck, rear or kick. He is a solid horse when I train and trail ride with beginner riders. As I ride Huszar, I am sure he can teach Zum how to follow on a lead rope behind him. Yes, my hunch is correct! Right away, after I jumped on Huszar, he was putting his ears back and swishing his tail whenever Zum walked too far ahead or got too close to us. We rode together for an hour and what a joy! My colt was so happy to be out of his corral and I was in heaven to be out riding in the mountains with my racehorse and my colt!