I read this pearl of wisdom: ‘Live your life in a state of excellence!’ This makes me think. What is excellence in my life now? I have my colt focused on good behavior as he loves his treats and scratches. I am paying attention to my verbal cues to my colt, saying in a matter of fact voice ‘wrong’ when he does something he isn’t supposed to do. I never say ‘no.’ I never use an angry tone of voice with him. I simply reach out my arm and let my colt bump into my elbow if I need space from him. I say ‘touch’ if I teach him a new trick and I reward him immediately when he learns. And he is learning quickly! I am teaching him my voice cues for direction changes. Stop is ‘Ho’ and go is the kiss sound. Back up is ‘ch-ch-ch’ and humming softly means he can relax. I also put my hand on his nose and keep it there until he is calm. Then I let go and let him have a moment of release from asking him anything. We are both enjoying our moments together of satisfied quiet. I think this is excellence!